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Toni P.

Brent is a work horse, plain and simple! When he is not meeting with me three times per week, he is working countless hours doing manual labor. Not to mention when it’s snowing, working 12 plus hour days in nothing new to Brent as he is out moving snow. His hard work and dedication is why he is excelling in our program. He is a true staple of a hard working, motivated individual striving to achieve his goals.

Brent Jorgansen

Jessie truly exemplifies what hard work and dedication is. Jessie always comes into her training sessions with a great attitude and ready to work. Not only does Jessie push her self to achieve her goals, but she also pushes and encourages others who train with her to accomplish their goals as well. Jessie brings positive energy with her every time she comes in, and it truly shines through to others around her.

Jessie Loudner

Corey Cain and his body transformation specialists are skillful professionals who have created custom programs that effectively combine weight training, cardiovascular, nutrition and humor. They continually alter and tailor the workout routines to meet our fitness requirements. I highly recommend Black Clover Fitness services for fitness and physical training regardless of age or level of fitness. My golf game has vastly improved as well as my endurance, all due to the increased strength in my core. Every day, a new workout is presented that pushes me beyond an intensity I would not normally push myself. I would like to thank Derek, an outstanding body transformation specialist for all he does to help me meet my fitness goals.


My experience at Black Clover Fitness has been excellent. The training sessions are very good and highly motivating. In my first 12 weeks, I was able to shed 12 lbs and 15 inches by simply following the map laid out for me. Strength Train, Cardio, Eat Right! It was and still is amazing to me! I am excited to see how the next 6 months will have an impact on me! If it’s anything like the first 12 weeks, I’ll be a permanent member of BCF!!!


Black Clover Fitness has allowed me to find passion in working out, thanks to the training staff I have lost over 35 lbs. and counting and it’s only been 5 months. If you want fast results and a great atmosphere Black Clover Fitness is the place for you. One thing you can always count on is the trainers mixing up the workouts. One day it will be agility and then its strength training the next day. Thank you for always putting our health as your number one priority.
















Mary Lynn




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