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Seth Willis

Seth grew up loving sports and exercise. Back when he was 2 years old he was popping wheelies on his bike with training wheels. His dad told him if he was doing that, then the training wheels need to come off. Ever since then, Seth has been immersed in the fitness world.

Seth spent two years at Iowa Western studying athletic training. He soon realized that the clients he was working with weren’t the people he believed needed the most help with their physical fitness. He decided to pursue a career in personal training. Seth thought that it would be more useful if he were helping out people with average fitness instead of highly trained gifted athletes.

He continued his education at Iowa State University where he quickly realized he made the right decision. Iowa State taught him that when it comes to exercise, you can teach people and educate individuals about all the things they should do, but if you don’t make things fun and enjoyable people won’t stick with it. With exercise, as with most things in life, the results only come with consistency.

Seth likes to focus on using proper form and utilizing full range of motion. The idea is to keep you moving, active, and maintaining or constantly improving your quality of life. The best way to do that is to have fun, refrain from injury, and challenge you with new, fun and exciting workouts day in and day out.

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