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Corey Cain in Black Clover Fitness


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Every year Corey helps hundreds of people achieve their health and fitness goals. From sun up to sun down people across Omaha are training with Corey Cain and his staff. His devotion to helping people achieve the optimal way of life has created a new fitness focused community like no other. Last year alone he provided fitness instruction to ...

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Welcome to Black Clover Fitness! From the minute you set foot inside our world, you will be swept away by the intense energy and powerful presence each of our team members and staff contributes. We love everything fitness, health and wellbeing and for us, it’s a lot more than just running a gym for people to come work out. We like to think it’s a matter of giving our clients an avenue to be their best, work their best and live their best! Come into one of our high-energy facilities and feel the power! Spend time with us in any number of our fitness classes, customized to suit the needs of today’s active, goal-oriented individuals who value their health as a top priority. Our programs utilize state-of-the-art equipment, techniques and concepts that work you hard and reach the inner core of your body’s peak potential. We offer the industry’s best fitness trainers, focused wholly on you as you work to achieve all your fitness and wellness goals. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working out for years or if you’re just getting started; our personal trainers will cater your program to get you the maximum output from everything you put into it. In today’s “here and now” world, we know how valuable each second of every day is so we give you the tools and resources necessary to live the healthy lifestyle you crave. Our regular video blog posts, newsletters and email communications keep our clients in the know and on the ball with the latest news and views about fitness and wellbeing. Located in the heart of Omaha, Black Clover Fitness is one of the last locally owned and operated fitness super centers that still actually cares about its clients. Our sense of community goes far beyond the premier service we provide in our facilities, in fact we take it right out into our neighborhoods and give back in the true sense of the word.

Each year, every season, time and again – we jump at the chance to sponsor events that touch the community while channeling resources, funds, time and energy back into the system. We want to see our friends and neighbors continue to thrive and our way of giving back is to engage our clients in fitness-related events, whether through sponsorship or participation. Just this past year alone we have taken part in numerous charity events like the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s “Race for the Cure” run, or Trek the Tower – a 40-step climb up the First National Bank Tower to promote fitness while benefiting important charities. Our love for community reaches deep into the hearts of our clients and we also host client appreciation events. One fantastic example is when we featured our very own “Biggest Loser” Toni on our blog as she was wined and dined by the Black Clover Fitness team, treated to a night on the town in a stretch limo and showered with special gifts to celebrate her amazing 100-pound weight loss success! When it comes to doing our jobs, no one is more passionate about keeping our clients healthy and we make sure from the moment you set foot inside a Black Clover Fitness center, you are WOWed with the explosive energy you instantly feel! Come see what all the excitement is about – we’d love to spend some time with you!

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