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  • Stay Healthy This Grilling Season With These 13 Delicious Recipes

    Football season is just firing up, and today we’d like to share 13 delicious, fitness-friendly recipes you can make at your next game day party. With summer drawing to a close, football season is just firing up—and for those of you who like to get together with friends and family to watch the game, that probably means you’ll be firing up your grill soon, too. But this doesn’t mean your health has to sit on the sidelines. Today we’d like to share 13 game day recipes from that will let you load up on flavor, not pounds. 1. Bowl Game Snack Mix
    2. Black Bean Nacho Pizza
    3. Baked Sweet Potato Fries

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  • How to Keep Your Fitness Routine Fresh All Year Long

    The seasons are changing, so why should your workout routine stay the same? With fall approaching and the summer heat beginning to fade, many of you have likely been taking the chance to take your workout outside. Switching up your fitness routine like this is a great idea, and jogging is a perfect way to enjoy the now-mild weather. "Make sure you maintain a balance."

    As the seasons change, so should your workouts. However, make sure you maintain a balance. Don’t forget to occasionally head inside and hit the weight room for some strength training. To see our whole message about the importance of switching things up, watch this short ....

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  • How You Can Do Well at Running

    Are you prepared to do well at your upcoming race? You may need to set a goal. There are a lot of runs that you can sign up for such as 5k’s, 10k’s, half-marathons, or even full marathons. No matter which one you choose, there is one thing that is important to all of them and this is to set a goal.

    While a lot of people go out and do a leisurely run, if you want to do well, or you want to at least beat your friends, you have to have a plan of action.
    You have to have a goal. "Having a goal will push you to train which will then make it an easier race for you. "

    Having a goal will push you to train which will then make it an easier ....

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  • How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too This Summer

    Healthy desserts sound like an oxymoron, but they’re real. Here are a few of our favorites. With summertime here, one of the biggest weaknesses a lot of people have with sticking to their diets is highlighted. Yes, I’m talking about desserts. Someone always seems to bring something sweet and tasty during summertime get-togethers. This year, have that person be you.
    The truth is that you can make delicious, healthy, low-calorie desserts that will fool even the sweetest of tooths. The great thing is that people won’t even know the difference. Below are a few different recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth without leaving you feeling guilty: ....

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  • Is It Better to Work out in the Morning, Afternoon, or Evening?

    Is there a single time of day that’s best for working out? Let’s find out. When is the best time to workout? In my personal opinion, it’s not a matter of time of day—it’s about when you, personally, will be able to make it into the gym.
    For example, those who aren’t morning people probably won’t be able to push themselves to their full capacity at the crack of dawn. Similarly, those who work nights and evenings likely won’t have time for exercise later in the day. "Working out according to what is realistic for your schedule and preferences is key."
    Each time of day, however, does present unique ....

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  • Fun Summer Activities That Will Also Help You Get in Shape

    Getting and staying fit doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be fun. The weather is finally nice and warm. That means it’s time to get out there and do some fun activities. A lot of these will help you burn calories without even realizing it. I recently found an article on Huffington Post that details 50 fun summer activities that burn 50 (or more) calories. You can read the full list here,
    but I picked out 10 of my favorites to share with you now. Here are a few ways you can have fun and get fit this summer:
    1. Have a dance party. Just 11 minutes of dancing will burn 46 calories. 2. Fire up the grill. In 19 minutes of grilling, you can burn 50 ....

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  • Working Out on Vacation

    When on vacation, the temptation to splurge and let go of your diet is strong. But there are ways to enjoy your time off and still stay healthy while doing it. The summer months are coming up, which means that a lot of you will be taking vacations. However, for those who are committed to regular exercise, getting your workout in while on vacation is a struggle. Today I’ll provide you with a list of seven tips you can use to ensure that you don’t miss your workouts while you travel on vacation. 1. Prepare ahead of time. As they say, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” If you’re travelling by car, pack some tasty, ....

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  • The Truth About Fats

    Don’t believe all the hype you hear about fat being bad for you. It can actually be a good thing. One thing that I hear quite a bit about when it comes to nutrition is fat. A lot of people run away from fat. They think it’s bad for you, that it will cause you gain weight, or it’ll stop you from losing weight, and so on. Actually, fat is awesome . You need some good, healthy fat. Healthy fat will help you lose weight, stay full, and curb cravings. "Healthy fat will help you lose weight, stay full, and curb cravings."
    Heart-healthy foods like avocados, cashews, almonds, walnuts, coconut oil, and extra ....

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  • It's Time to Bring the Fun Back Into Your Cardio Routine

    Are you tired of the treadmill? If so, don’t worry. There are many other ways to incorporate cardio into your routine. There are many more ways to get in your cardio than most people think. Today, I want to let you in on a few things you can do to bring the fun back into your cardio routine. When people think of cardio, they often think about the treadmill, elliptical, and stairs. Jumping up on one of these machines for 30, 40, or 50 minutes can be pretty boring. Indoor sports are actually a great option for getting in your cardio. Sports like basketball, tennis, or racquetball are all good ways to make cardio fun. "Say goodbye to a ....

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  • Are Treadmills Really Bad for Your Knees?

    Does working out on the treadmill give you knee pain? Here are four ways you can get back on the treadmill without hurting your knees. Are treadmills bad for your knees? Not necessarily. There are a lot of other factors that could contribute to knee pain, such as tight joints or hamstrings, different ailments, or rundown shoes. If you put too many miles on your shoes, they lose the support and cushioning that you need. "Listen to your body; if you are in pain, get that checked out by a physician."
    A lot of people say they don’t want to do the treadmill because it bothers their knees but then don’t do anything to try to help their knees. ....

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