In-Season Performance Training

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In-Season Performance Training

It is all too common ...

    To see young athletes make measurable strides in the "off-season" with their
programming only to take a step backwards when their athletic season starts. This unfortunately happens due to lack of training during the competitive season. By doing a needs analysis according to whichever sport your athlete participates in, as certified trainers & coaches, we can evaluate areas that need improvement.

A needs analysis can give us a better understanding of what your athlete needs to be successful during their "in-season" program. This includes injury prevention, movement patterns, strength gains as well as keeping them conditioned during a rigorous schedule of school, practices, and games which brings on a lot of stress. When we think of injury prevention it is all about helping the athlete understand different positions they may encounter during activity. For instance, a basketball player may turn their ankle and it could result in a minor sprain which could keep them out for a few weeks but could also result in a nagging injury throughout their athletic career. If we condition the ankles to be more pliable and flexible especially during the season it will in fact reduce the chances of that happening.

Correct movement patterns are also very important when it comes to in-season
programming and why you should have your athlete involved. By reinforcing correct movement patterns in-season as well as in the off-season, your athlete will build a strong foundation to build upon. Which brings us to in-season strength gains and conditioning. Once movement patterns are instilled, we can move forward and continue to apply different modalities depending on sport to help your athlete actually develop strength as well as speed and conditioning during the season. Many people claim that the season is for “maintaining”
such things, but in fact there are many improvements to be made as well as a peaking phase during competition that will help your athlete perform at their highest level.

Training is a year round process that shouldn't encounter an "off-season" unless of course we are entering a de-loading phases where a weeks rest is recommended.

If you have questions on implementing a protocol for your athlete and are not sure where to start, feel free to reach out.  With 4 Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist on staff, you can be sure you child will be receiving the tools necessary to help their performance evolve.  

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