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  • Neglected Nutrients

    Neglected Nutrients

    In a recent email, we talked about potassium... Which is an essential nutrient that many people forget to include in their diets. Today, we’re going to shed light on another neglected nutrient - the non-digestible carbohydrate found in foods: Fiber. A whopping 96% of the population does not consume the daily recommended amount of fiber! Men need 35 grams and women 28 grams of fiber daily… but on average Americans are only getting around 16 grams of fiber a day! Fiber has various health benefits: it keeps you regular, reduces hunger, helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and reduces the risk of certain cancers. There are many types of fiber - some serve a ....

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  • Choosing The Right Personal Trainer For You!

    Choosing The Right Personal Trainer For You!

    Did you know Personal Trainer Awareness Day was onJanuary 2? No joke, we didn't make that up. Google it! This isn't something that we celebrate, however, it brings to lightan important topic on sometips you should use for hiring a personal trainer that is a perfect fit for you. Personal trainers have the tough job of motivating, keeping us accountable, teaching us proper technique and form; and helping us achieve our goals safely. If you’re considering hiring a personal trainer here are a few tips: - Start off with a personal trainer as early as possible in your fitness journey; this will help you avoid adopting any bad habits.There’s a common misconception that you ....

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  • Miracles of Water

    Miracles of Water

    A healthy lifestyle starts... With a proper nutrition and exercise regimen, but there is one other facet that is often overlooked: getting adequate hydration. Our bodies are made up primarily of water – about 70%, in fact, so it would make sense that we need to continue to replenish our reserves throughout the day, especially after working out. Unfortunately, Americans as a whole are not drinking nearly enough water and are essentially in a constant state of dehydration which can lead to a whole slew of issues you don’t want to deal with. When we don’t drink enough water, we may have trouble concentrating, our blood volume decreases and our heart rate increases, our ....

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  • In-Season Performance Training

    In-Season Performance Training

    It is all too common ... To see young athletesmake measurable strides in the "off-season" with their programming only to take a step backwards when their athletic season starts. Thisunfortunately happens due to lack of training during the competitive season. By doing a needsanalysis according to whichever sport your athlete participates in, as certified trainers & coaches, we canevaluate areas that need improvement. A needs analysis can give usa better understanding of what your athlete needsto be successful during their "in-season" program. This includes injury prevention, movementpatterns, strength gains as well as keeping them conditioned during a rigorous schedule ....

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  • Eat This, Not That - - - Halloween Edition

    Eat This, Not That - - - Halloween Edition

    Halloween is what I consider... The kick off to the upcoming holiday season and the perfect time to put together a game plan to help you stay on track this season and beyond. Typically the most difficult for those of us with a sweet tooth, Halloween is full of temptations and most all of them are detrimental to our health. It’s time to practice moderation and substitution right now while we are in the thick of the season. While sugar is obviously one of the biggest issues with consuming mass quantities of holiday candy, we also need to be aware of the concentration of high fructose corn syrup combined with GMO’s. Industrially processed food is practically void of any ....

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  • Weather Change

    Weather Change

    Fall is in the air... And it’s time to take advantage of the dropping temperatures. Before long, winter will be here again and we won’t want to spend too much time outdoors. For now, though, let’s take some of our daily exercise outside and enjoy the fresh air. While summertime presented us with a lot of heat-related issues when it came to our fitness routines, Fall starts to open up some activities that we may not have been able do for the previous few months. Here are some suggestions for you to take advantage of outdoor time before it’s time to head back in again. Hiking – No matter where you live, the ability to go deep into nature to explore ....

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  • September Food For Thought.

    September Food For Thought.

    Staying the course with nutrition... Is often the hardest part of a healthy lifestyle change. And with nearly 80% of weight loss success being tied into proper nutrition, it’s quite possibly the most important part of the equation. One thing that makes it incredibly difficult is a lack of knowledge when it comes to recipes and the thought that it just isn’t going to taste very good. That’s why we like to provide healthy, balanced recipes once a month to help you get new food into your rotation. Healthy can be delicious and these recipes will prove it! Here is September’s Food for Thought Recipe If you’re afflicted with a condition that prevents you from ....

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  • 5 Habits That Destroy Your Healthy Lifestyle!

    5 Habits That Destroy Your Healthy Lifestyle!

    Nobody ever said that it would be easy... Getting healthy is not a quick fix and staying on track is a lifelong endeavor. But, you may be sabotaging your own success and not even realize it! Here are 5 common habits that could destroy your healthy lifestyle. When thinking about habits to put on this list, the number one thing that came to mind is what kinds of beverages you consume. We are so accustomed to sweet flavors that we automatically gravitate toward sodas, juices and flavored coffees. The problem with all of these drinks is that they are full of sugar and unnecessary calories. Try to migrate your tastebuds to the “good side” and stick with water, infused ....

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  • 5 Common Fitness Myths

    5 Common Fitness Myths

    What do we want? To get in shape! When do we want it? Now! Instant gratification is the name of the game in today’s world. Unfortunately, getting in shape is not an overnight possibility. A multi-billion dollar industry, the fitness world is full of people who are promising the world and offering solutions to problems that just, flat out, don’t work (or even make sense in some instances). Here are five common fitness myths: Myth 1: You can target areas on your body to improve. While it would seem likely that if you spend all of your energy lifting weights, doing tricep dips and pushups that your arms would be on point, it just doesn’t work that way. You ....

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  • RMR, What it is, and why YOU need to know yours!

    RMR, What it is, and why YOU need to know yours!

    RMR, or Resting MetabolicRate,refers to the total number of calories burned when your body is completely at rest. It's the number in which you need to know when starting your exercise protocol. Simply put, it's the baseline number in which youwould use to start if youwere to add or subtract calories to help you reach your goals. Here is an example - - Let's say Timmy has an RMR of 2000, meaning he burns 2000calories at rest every day. Timmy has a goal of wanting to lose 10lbs. We can use this number to calculate the timeframe in which it will take Timmy to reach his goal. There are 3500 calories in a pound, so we must burn 35,000 calories to lose 10lbs. First off, as an ....

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