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  • Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

    Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

    There are so many products and gimmicks out there that promise quick weight loss... It’s been a buzz word for more years than I can count! If you’re unhappy with the way you look, your first thought is “I need to lose weight”, but what if I told you that may not be the right answer. Today, I would like to explain to you the difference between weight loss and fat loss to help you gain a better foundation to set achievable health and fitness goals. So, really…What’s the difference? Like many health-related terms, people get confused when it comes to weight loss and fat loss and tend to use them interchangeably. When you step on a scale, the ....

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  • Results or Excuses

    Results or Excuses

    If there is one thing most of us cannot stand, it’speople making excuses... And if there is one thing we all do it is make excuses. Everyone does it, everyone has done it in the past and most everybody will continue to do so in the future. There are millions of quotes about excuses that bosses, trainers, parents and coaches have probably thrown at you in your life, and I could sit here and throw some gems at you like “make an effort, not an excuse” or “excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure” . The point is, no matter how many clever sayings or quotes I throw at you, it won’t change anything. It might make you feel bad, or maybe ....

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  • BUTT Why ... ?

    BUTT Why ... ?

    Everybody wants to be the most powerful athlete on the field , no matter the sport. The most powerful baseball player hits the most homeruns, the most powerful golfer has the longest drive, and the most powerful boxer has the best chance at delivering a knockout punch. Power is defined as force times the velocity of a movement. In simple terms, this means that the amount of force you put into something becomes more powerful as the speed of the movement increases. If 800 pounds of force is placed on an object slowly, the object will move slowly, but if 800 pounds of force is placed into an object quickly, as a heavyweight boxer’s punch, the object will be damaged, destroyed, ....

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  • Don't Worry .... Lift Happy!

    Don't Worry .... Lift Happy!

    How many times ... Have these words been said usually from female clients, “I just want to tone, not be bulky”. Then they tell us about how they found this great home routine where they just use a can of soda to perform 100 reps to achieve this “toned” look. Let’s look past the fact you have a can of soda and get to the issue of what does toned even mean? Often when you dig a little deeper with your clients most of them will tell you what they mean is, that they want to have a little more muscle but with more definition and not bulk. OK, how do we achieve this? The only way to get their toned look is to add some lean muscle mass while losing fat ....

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  • An Easy Desk Workout for You to Do

    You can get a good workout in without leaving your office. Here’s what you need to do.

    Let’s say that you're strapped for time and only have five minutes to get a workout in. I’ve got the perfect five-minute workout for you that you can do right at your desk. Start with some push ups, then do some squats, lunges, and burpees. These four exercises will stimulate all the muscles in your body, get your heart rate up, and stimulate muscle growth. Doing this multiple times a day for only five minutes at a time will result in some great benefits without having to spend a lot of time at the gym. To learn more about each exercise, read this article.

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  • 3 Ways to Maximize Your Time in the Gym

    Are you putting your gym time to proper use? If not, here are a few different tips to help you do so. Most of us don’t have two to three hours every day to spend in the gym. We all have busy lives, so when we do go to the gym, we need to use our time effectively in order to get a good workout without having to waste too much time. I recently came across an article from Ace Fitness that gave some great tips on how you can maximize your time in the gym. You can read the full article here , but here are the three best tips that we gathered for you: "Complex training involves combining resistance and plyometric training."
    1. Focus on ....

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  • How Sleeping Helps You Lose Weight

    Getting enough sleep each night can help you lose weight, so here are a few tips to help you change your sleeping habits for the better. Research suggests that getting the ideal amount of sleep each night can increase your productivity and improve your mental health, but did you know that sleep has the potential to help you lose weight, too? Most research shows that getting less than seven hours of nightly sleep correlates with being heavier, gaining weight, and struggling to lose weight. Sleep is important in supporting exercise and healthy eating habits because a lack of sleep can make it more challenging for you to control your behavior and minimize stress. ....

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  • The Power of Walking

    Walking is a great way to become more heart-healthy. Here are a few of the specific benefits it brings. You might think walking is too simple of an exercise to really do anything for you, but there are actually plenty of great benefits that come from walking every day. Doing so can lower your blood pressure, decrease your heart rate, and more. We recently came across an article from the American Council on Exercise that outlined the many different benefits of walking on a regular basis. You can check out the full article here , but here are a few of the highlights that we picked out: Heart disease is the leading killer of both men and women in the ....

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  • Stay Healthy This Grilling Season With These 13 Delicious Recipes

    Football season is just firing up, and today we’d like to share 13 delicious, fitness-friendly recipes you can make at your next game day party. With summer drawing to a close, football season is just firing up—and for those of you who like to get together with friends and family to watch the game, that probably means you’ll be firing up your grill soon, too. But this doesn’t mean your health has to sit on the sidelines. Today we’d like to share 13 game day recipes from that will let you load up on flavor, not pounds. 1. Bowl Game Snack Mix
    2. Black Bean Nacho Pizza
    3. Baked Sweet Potato Fries

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  • How to Keep Your Fitness Routine Fresh All Year Long

    The seasons are changing, so why should your workout routine stay the same? With fall approaching and the summer heat beginning to fade, many of you have likely been taking the chance to take your workout outside. Switching up your fitness routine like this is a great idea, and jogging is a perfect way to enjoy the now-mild weather. "Make sure you maintain a balance."

    As the seasons change, so should your workouts. However, make sure you maintain a balance. Don’t forget to occasionally head inside and hit the weight room for some strength training. To see our whole message about the importance of switching things up, watch this short ....

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