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  • Too Much Of A Good Thing?

    Too Much Of A Good Thing?

    The number one question... We areasked when approached by a new client is how many times a week do I need to train? Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits all answer. Honestly, it depends. It is hard to give an exact answer because several factors play a role: How intense is each workout? Are you warming up correctly? Are you following a nutrition plan? The thing we need to watch out for is over-training. While over-training can occur in a variety of different ways, it typically results from a combination of hormonal, neuroendocrine, and nutritional imbalances, secondary to heavy training. The Signs of Over-training - Although it can produce positive outcomes, intense ....

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  • Ditch The Scale Already!!!

    Ditch The Scale Already!!!

    Countless people every day ... Are starting a new exercise routine or starting a new diet, with the goal of losing weight. Weight is such a fickle idea; what is a healthy weight? What is the best way to lose weight? How can I drop the most weight in the shortest amount of time? So, what do we all do, we go out and buy a new scale believing that is the first step to staying on track to get to our goal body weight, but is that scale really a tool that is going to help on your journey? Or is it going to become an instrument that leads to failure? Listen I get it, we all get it, diets suck. They just do, and no one enjoys going on them. Diets and new food cleanses have been around ....

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  • Maintain, Not Gain!!

    Maintain, Not Gain!!

    You’ve almost made it through the entire holiday season-only one month to go... How are you feeling about your health and fitness goals at this point? October 31 st – January 2 nd are the danger zones in the fitness industry. It’s when we start to see our clients slipping on their year-long trek toward health and fitness. Is it surprising? No. But, we want to make sure that the times they are choosing to skip the workout are only setbacks on their journey. While many will find it difficult to stick completely to their health and fitness plan through the end of the year, there are some ways we would like to share with you to maintain and not gain during December. ....

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  • Pre - Thanksgiving Edition ...

    Pre - Thanksgiving Edition ...

    I don’t know about you ... But I am transfixed by all of the books, articles and advice available when it comes to healthy eating – especially the ones that give you healthier alternatives to your favorite foods. With America’s feasting holiday upon us (Thanksgiving), there is no better time than to put together a list of Eat This, Not That, the Thanksgiving Edition. I’ve compiled a short list of a few very tasty, yet more healthy, alternatives to the main dishes that will laden your table this Thanksgiving. The Main Event: TURKEY TOM Americans, as a whole, look to this tasty bird as the main dish every Thanksgiving Holiday. It takes a million hours to ....

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  • Setting SMART Goals

    Setting SMART Goals

    How many times have you started a fitness program.... Just to give up a week or two in because you weren’t achieving the results you wanted? Be honest. Most of us have done it. Living in an instant gratification society makes it tough to wait for things we want. But, the truth is that with fitness, you’re playing the long game. Sure, it’s fun to see quick results with crash diets, but does it last? Not usually. Today, I want to talk to you about setting SMART fitness goals. SMART is an acronym that is used across the industry to help you understand each step of setting a realistic goal – one that you can accomplish and sustain. Specific - ie: I want to ....

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  • Sugar is NOT your Friend.

    Sugar is NOT your Friend.

    Well, you made it through another Halloween – Did the neighborhood kids leave you with a full bowl of sugar-laden treats? Get rid of them – now! I mean, give them away, send them to the military overseas, trade them at the dentist’s office for a toy, or throw it away – anything but eat yourself into a sugar coma. Sure, it may give you a temporary burst of energy (sugar high), but when it wears off…yikes! You will likely feel sluggish, it can lead to weight gain, stomach pain and a whole host of other problems. Sugar is NOT your friend, especially if you are on your journey toward better health and overall fitness. Check out these sugar-related facts ....

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  • High Intensity Interval Training

    High Intensity Interval Training

    A fast, efficient way to work out... High intensity interval training (HIIT) has become the go-to method for quick fat loss. Utilizing short, intense bursts of exercises with less intense moves or complete rest in between, this method of exercise is an incredibly efficient way to cash in on all of the fat-burning, metabolism boosting benefits. Since the mid-1990s, researchers have confirmed the benefits of HIIT as part of a weekly exercise regimen aimed at body fat loss. When compared to traditional forms of exercise, a Canadian research team found that traditional forms of exercise may burn more calories, but HIIT burns more fat. But, losing body fat quickly is not the only ....

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  • Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

    Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

    There are so many products and gimmicks out there that promise quick weight loss... It’s been a buzz word for more years than I can count! If you’re unhappy with the way you look, your first thought is “I need to lose weight”, but what if I told you that may not be the right answer. Today, I would like to explain to you the difference between weight loss and fat loss to help you gain a better foundation to set achievable health and fitness goals. So, really…What’s the difference? Like many health-related terms, people get confused when it comes to weight loss and fat loss and tend to use them interchangeably. When you step on a scale, the ....

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  • Results or Excuses

    Results or Excuses

    If there is one thing most of us cannot stand, it’speople making excuses... And if there is one thing we all do it is make excuses. Everyone does it, everyone has done it in the past and most everybody will continue to do so in the future. There are millions of quotes about excuses that bosses, trainers, parents and coaches have probably thrown at you in your life, and I could sit here and throw some gems at you like “make an effort, not an excuse” or “excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure” . The point is, no matter how many clever sayings or quotes I throw at you, it won’t change anything. It might make you feel bad, or maybe ....

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  • BUTT Why ... ?

    BUTT Why ... ?

    Everybody wants to be the most powerful athlete on the field , no matter the sport. The most powerful baseball player hits the most homeruns, the most powerful golfer has the longest drive, and the most powerful boxer has the best chance at delivering a knockout punch. Power is defined as force times the velocity of a movement. In simple terms, this means that the amount of force you put into something becomes more powerful as the speed of the movement increases. If 800 pounds of force is placed on an object slowly, the object will move slowly, but if 800 pounds of force is placed into an object quickly, as a heavyweight boxer’s punch, the object will be damaged, destroyed, ....

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