Resetting Your Fitness Thermostat

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Resetting Your Fitness Thermostat

 It's a startling statistic: the majority of lottery winners return to their previous financial state within a few years, regardless of their winnings. This phenomenon isn't just about money; it mirrors a fundamental aspect of human psychology that also applies to health and fitness. We all have internal thermostats setting our 'temperature' for various aspects of life, including wealth, happiness, and physical well-being.

The Internal Thermostat

Just like a room's thermostat maintains a set temperature, our internal thermostats regulate our comfort zones in life. For lottery winners, their financial thermostat often leads them back to a familiar financial state, regardless of the windfall. This is due to deep-seated beliefs about money, such as viewing wealth negatively or feeling undeserving of financial abundance.

Your Fitness Thermostat

Similarly, our health and fitness levels are often governed by an internal thermostat. This thermostat is set by our lifelong experiences and beliefs about our bodies, athleticism, and relationship with food. For instance, someone who grew up being told they were never athletic or who had a strained relationship with food might have their fitness thermostat set low, believing they can never achieve or maintain a healthy physique.

The Cycle of Fitness Sabotage

Just like lottery winners, individuals may embark on a fitness journey and achieve remarkable results. However, if their internal thermostat is set to a lower 'temperature,' their deep-seated beliefs may eventually override their progress. They might start to self-sabotage, falling back into old habits and eventually returning to their original state. This cycle is a common sight in the fitness world, but it's not an inescapable fate.

Changing Your Fitness Thermostat

Altering your internal fitness thermostat is challenging but possible. The first step is acknowledging the existence of this internal setting. Next, it's crucial to introspect and understand your personal beliefs about health and fitness. What messages have you internalized over the years? Did your upbringing foster a positive or negative view of fitness and nutrition?

The Power of Positive Declarations

Once you recognize and understand your self-sabotaging beliefs, you can begin to dismantle them. Replace these negative thoughts with positive affirmations about your health and fitness goals. This process isn't instantaneous; it requires consistent effort and a commitment to change your mindset.

Understanding and resetting your internal health and fitness thermostat is key to achieving and maintaining your wellness goals. It's about more than just physical actions; it's a mental and emotional journey towards a healthier, more fulfilled self.

At Black Clover Fitness, we recognize the importance of addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of fitness. Our approach goes beyond workouts and diets; we help you reset your internal thermostat for lasting health and fitness success.

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