The Big Debate: Time vs Intensity

The Big Debate: Time vs Intensity

Alright everyone, we all have been there or know someone who has gone to work out and spent hours at the gym perfecting our fitness and not really getting the results we want. If you ask me that is a pretty raw deal!

What if I tell you that you can get the same, if not a better workout in half the time that you usually spend at the gym? Well here is the principle everyone, your body actually has a threshold if you were to call it for anaerobic and aerobic activity; this means your body has limit, about 1 hour and 15 minutes, for the amount of weightlifting and cardiovascular exercise you do! This said, your body does not truly benefit more or benefit less if you go past this threshold, so the idea is high, intense workouts.

Now that everyone understands our bodies’ threshold, let’s talk about intensity. I know most of us have been in the gym and have seen those people just flying through their workout, super-setting every set and using big multi-jointed sets. What do they all have in common? Well for one they are usually RIPPED and FIT! So here is the catch, cranking up your work out intensity with super sets and minimal rest in between sets will not only fire up your metabolism, but push your muscles to their limits.

So let us bring this all together, our body has a threshold of work capacity that can limit our success in the gym; along with a lower, drowned out intensity can really ruin our fitness as a whole. The idea is to have a game plan before you get to your workout and know exactly what you are doing so switching exercises is smooth and quick. The whole idea is to get in and get out. So everyone crank up that intensity and fire up those muscles because you will sweat to success!

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