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First and foremost, one of the toughest parts about a weight-loss program is the nutritional aspect; eating right all the time is TOUGH! What we do not realize is the fact that a person’s nutrition is about 70% of the weight-loss and exercise is only about 30%.

So what this means is we need to put a higher focus on what we take in nutritionally the other 23 hours of the day, while we are not at the gym.

Here are three ways we can beat this food challenge that will hold you accountable for what you truly take in, and at that moment you will see what needs to be addressed and changed.

Write it Down

One of the most popular ways to hold people accountable for their nutrition is having them keep a food journal. This means write EVERYTHING down that enters your mouth; that includes all foods, liquids, and times those things were eaten.

This will be a great layout too see what weaknesses and strengths you have, and what needs to be changed to provide you with the utmost success.

Howdy, Partner

Now another great way to hold yourself accountable is to find another person to always check-in with you to make sure you are following your program.

This person could be a close friend that is trying to lose weight with you, it could be your personal trainer, or anyone you feel you can trust with making sure you stick to your gunsThis also gives an outside view on your eating habits to see any other weaknesses that may not be as clear by yourself.

Let’s Make a Deal…With Ourselves

Lastly, a personal contract with yourself is another great way to hold yourself accountable on what you are eating during your weight-loss program.

Make a contract with yourself; type it up with rewards and limitations if you are successful in hitting your goal or if you fail to hit your goal. Sign the contract, make it binding with yourself and give a copy to another person who is close with you to help hold you accountable.

So if you find yourself struggling with your nutrition and not seeing any results, try one of these three great options to help overcome those struggles and start seeing that weight drop off.

If you have any other questions about self-control and weight management (or any fitness inquiry) please feel free to contact us today at 402.991.7700!

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