Water to Lose Weight….REALLY?

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What if I told you I have an effective weight loss supplement that is far cheaper than anything you have seen in stores and on TV? Would you be interested? After all, everyone is looking for that next “new” supplement to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

Well folks, here it is. WATER.

No lie, water can and will help you lose weight. How you may ask? I have listed a few ways in which this works for you:

1. Water suppresses the appetite. People who drink more are proven to be less hungry. It works as an appetite suppressant.

2. Water helps tone muscles. If your muscles are dehydrated, you won't see any toning, no matter how much exercise you do. Up your intake in water and you'll see a difference fast.

3. Water helps liver function. The liver metabolizes fat, which is very important when you are trying to lose weight. However, it requires a lot of water to do this successfully, and if it doesn't have enough, it will just store the fat.

4. A certain amount of water can make the body stop retaining water. If you usually don't drink enough, your body will have retained water to make up for it. This water retention can add pounds to your weight, and make you seem very bloated.

5. Water washes the toxins out of your body. Being in a good health is vital if you are trying to lose weight and nothing does it better than drinking water. Water washes out the toxins, making your body “cleaner” and healthier. This is a very important condition under which your body will be able to restore its balance and get into shape.

6. Water confuses hunger and thirst. It can be very easy to think you are hungry when in fact you are very thirsty.

7. Water helps lower cholesterol. Water has a drastic impact on cholesterol, and will reduce the levels in your body. This should help one slim down a lot faster.

As you can see, the benefits of water greatly outweigh the negatives here. So cheers, to a glass of water!

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