Diet Pop Misconceptions

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There are a lot of general misconceptions of food and beverage products out on the market. One of the biggest misconceptions is that diet pop is actually better for you than regular pop. Diet pop may be lacking the sugar and calories that are contained in regular pop but in turn diet pop is laced with aspartame.

 Aspartame is an artificial, non saccharine sweetener used as a sugar substitute in several foods and beverages, including diet pops. Several adverse affects have been cited from the use of aspartame as a sweetner such as: Fibromyalgia Syndrome, dizziness, headaches, menstrual problems, nausea, and even symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Aspartame is comprised of Phenylalanine, Aspartic Acid and menthol.

Neither of these three components are great but the biggest danger is the menthol. Once a can of diet pop or any food with aspartame in it reaches 86 degrees Fahrenheit the menthol breaks down into a poisonous free radical; more formally known as formaldehyde or Formic Acid. With the average body temperature being 98.6 degrees, do you really think that diet pop is safe?

So why exactly does the Asapartame in diet pop and other products make you gain weight? The reason is that the pH level of aspartame is 1.5. Water has a pH of 7. Everything dies at a pH of 4.5 so when you consume anything lower than a 4.5 pH the acidity creates more fat cells. Your immune system functions much better with more of an alkaline level around 7.

 Several studies have shown that individuals with the healthiest bodies contain a pH of 7.1 to 7.5. So consuming something with as low of a pH level as aspartame can only be bad for your health. If you were to drink just one can of diet pop you would then have to consume 32 glasses of water in order to bring your pH level back to 7.

Hopefully that helps you know some of the dangers of diet pop and other foods that contain aspartame. Drinking any form of pop is not good to do if you are wanting to maintain a healthy body. Distributors of diet pop or other products would like you to believe that you are making a healthy choice when you pick up something labeled as diet but in reality you are only harming yourself more.

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