The Pittman Journey

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It all started, August 30th, 2009, team Trevor and Toni joined forces to tackle a goal which seemed so far away.  After 2 years, and many sweat and tears, the 100lbs goal has become reality.

To say it was an easy transformation is too far fetched.  There were days when it seemed so far off, yet Toni kept pushing.  There were days when the workouts seemed too hard to obtain, yet Toni kept pushing.  There were days where the scale wasn't moving, yet you guessed it, Toni kept pushing.  And today, after the 100lbs mark has been reached and over 60 total inches dropped, Toni keeps pushing.

The journey has had many hills and valleys, which many face in losing weight.  Yet, keeping a positive attitude and always reaching to obtain her goals is what lea us to the promise land.  I can remember a few instances where it seemed like the end of the world on Toni's part.   

For instance, one morning Toni slipped on the Power Plate and rolled her ankle.  I can remember the look in her eyes and the sound of her shaking voice as she says to me in tears, “how am I going to lose 100lbs pounds when I hurt my ankle”?  It seemed like the end of the world, yet Toni got up and finished the workout, and continued to push through the coming week with a slight set back.

I recall when Toni was first introduced to our 40lbs weight vest when doing our cardio sessions.  I cannot write the words that she said to me, but you get the idea.  And you know what, Toni wore it and pushed through the grueling cardio bouts.

Then came the strenuous cardio sessions, 15 miles jogging and 3 hours of the dreaded StairMaster to be done in a weeks time.  Yes it was hard, but Toni pushed through.  And to this day, when she is asked to do 20 plus miles a week on the treadmill, plus HIIT sprints, and StairMaster work in a weeks time, she pushes through.

Look folks, what Toni did is something special I have only shared with one other client, (still proud of you Nikki), yet it is something that is achievable with a positive mind set, solid nutrition, and great goal setting numbers.  It is strenuous, it sometimes seems like the end of the tunnel will never come, but it will if the mind set is there.  I cannot express how proud I am of Toni, and folks, Toni is not finished, we are on track to turn that 100lbs mark into 150lbs in the coming months.  And have no doubt about it, it will happen.

Congrats Toni, we are all very, very proud of you and your hard work and determination!

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