Power of Positive Thinking

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I'm sure that you have all heard Winston Churchill's quote or something along the lines of it, "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." This is a very profound statement as it is so true. I'm also sure that you can all relate that when you embrace a positive attitude everything in life just seems so much better. Then when you feel down and out about things you will only hear others telling you to be positive and happy. So why not be positive more often? In relevance to the world now, specifically football, Tim Tebow is a great example of positive thinking. His positive nature is brought forth from his strong faith in God but anyone can carry the same positive attitude with them throughout the whole day. His positive and encouraging demeanor for himself has transferred over to his teammates making his whole team better. Some people like to call it the "Tebow Factor", but when it comes down to it it is the power of positive thinking that allows him and the team to continue to win.

In terms of positive thinking toward exercise if you go into a workout with a ho-hum attitude most likely you are not going to reap the great benefits of the workout. Whereas if you go into a workout all energetic with a positive attitude you will have a great workout and feel pumped up and experience greater success throughout time. Everyone can most likely relate to the fact that when you are positive going into the workout you will flat out work out with more intensity. I know that it is tough to go into every workout feeling great but if you go into the workout with a positive attitude it will help you break though the low energy levels; mind over matter!

A story that I was told many years ago that demonstrated the power of positive thinking involved a train worker that was accidently locked into a refrigerated train car. After several hours of banging on the door to have someone let him out he began to worry that he would not be let out and freeze to death. He found some paper and a pen and started to write a journal stating how he was getting colder and colder and was going to freeze to death because of the refrigerated train car. In his last entry he said that he could no longer take the pain of the bitter cold and was really going to die. A day later he was found in the train car passed away while laying in the corner all cuddled up The workers who found him found the journal entries baffling as the refrigerated train car hadn't actually worked for several months. This man's mind actually took over his whole body as he talked himself into thinking that the refrigeration unit was actually on. Some sources have stated that this is a true story. Whether this is a true story or a fable of his actual death it sums up that power of the mind.

So next time that you go into a workout go in with a positive mindset and your intensity levels will peak from the power of positiveness!

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