Confusing Your Muscles into Shape

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Working out is not always easy, and getting into shape can be one of the hardest things that a person can do.  People can do their same work out they have been doing for the past 6 months, run the same way as usual, and still do not see the results that they are looking for.  When the body is put through the same workload with the same workout routine, the body will go through a “plateau effect.”  This is when the body reaches its maximum potential with muscle growth because the body is not being challenged anymore.  The best way to break through this plateau is by continuously confusing the muscles, also called “muscle confusion.”

Muscle confusion is the concept of always doing something different when it comes to your workout.  If you continuously change the way you lift, either by how many repetitions that you perform, the amount of weight that you lift, how you lift the weights, the speed of the workout, and even the exercises that you execute, you will achieve muscle confusion.  As long as the muscles are continually broken down with every workout, most effectively if the workout is always changing, this will cause your muscles to break down and recuperate again and again which is what takes to become lean and build true muscle mass.

With our concept here at Black Clover Fitness, every week we change up how we lift.  We do not want our clients to get used to the workouts, because we do not want our clients to hit plateaus.  By mixing it up the workouts, it makes it more fun and keeps everyone guessing.  Always remember, a workout is only as good as you make it and that’s by continually pushing yourself to the max, muscle confusion is only the beginning. You must stay committed and true to yourself or no workout regiment will get you into shape.

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