To Drink, Or Not To Drink. That is the Question.

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A lot of people come across this dilemma when a social interaction comes across, and if you want to be physically active as well, it makes this decision even harder.  The negative effects of alcohol on the body are well documented, but it seems most people know about those, but what about the positive effects?  Even though there are not many of these, the biggest one deals with sleep.  Low-dose consumption (See website below) appear to increase total sleep time and reduce awakening during the night. The sleep-promoting benefits of alcohol dissipate at moderate and higher doses of alcohol.

Now I am not saying that I promote going out every night and having a few drinks with friends.  Continuing to do that, your body gets used to consuming alcohol on a regular basis, and it will want more, resulting in drinking problems/alcoholism.  I also have attached a website that explains that if you continue to drink moderately to heavily (two or more drinks in an hour) and the long term affects on different parts of your body.

No matter where you go, alcohol is always going to be socially acceptable.  You can go out and have a few drinks, and still live a healthy and physically active lifestyle.  As long as you keep the drinking in check, I say go out, have one or two drinks.  Be safe though, do not drive drunk, or let your friends do as well. At the end of the night, everyone deserves to get home safe.

How much is 1 drink?

Alcohol affects on the body:

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