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As an avid tennis player, I have realized over the years that training in the gym is just as important as training on the court. What I am going to do is outline 3 of the my favorite exercises when it comes to training for tennis in the gym.

For lower body, I focus on barbell squats and lunges. We all know the benefits of squats and how they build lower body strength, but they also work loads of different muscles as well. I typically go heavier when squating, followed by some speed squats using the barbell only.

I also feel lunges are a very important part of my training protocol. When a tennis players sets up to hit a forehand, backhand or charge the net for a volley, you are mimicking a lunge. I use higher reps when doing lunges for my training.

Lastly, core work is essential. I use different pieces of equipment to mimic torso rotations. Whether using the cable system, a barbell, or medicine balls, side to side movements are essential when training my core. Think of hitting a forehand or backhand, you are using your torso while executing the movement. A strong core will lead to more fluid shots.

Add these three movements into your training regiment and prepare to see the results. Also, make sure to switch up your weight and rep schemes to keep your progress moving forward. Our bodies are made to adapt, and they will if we do the same protocols over and over again.

Best of luck!

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