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Are you looking to increase your general sprint speed or just add the extra speed needed to kick at the end of a 5K to beat the other competitor running along side you?  Well if you are looking to gain speed for either of those instances there are many exercises out there that will help you obtain those results.

Performing sprint drills at the beginning and/or end of your running workout will drastically help with your overall running form and quickness.  Examples of sprint drills to perform would be high knees, butt kicks, and power skips while repeating these drills 3 times for 50 meters each.

When it comes to overall speed strength is a vital factor in improving performance.  So in addition to the sprint drills, lifting is very important if you are serious about adding the extra speed into your runs.  Implementing squats, power cleans, and deadlifts into any training program will definitely help you achieve the best results in attempting to increase your speed.

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