Drink, Drink, Drink, All Day Long

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This has by far been one of the hottest and driest summers that Eastern Nebraska has experienced in a long time.  Now since we cannot control Mother Nature or her unwillingness to answer us when we repeatedly hope and pray for rain, we can control our game plan on how to deal with it.  Water is the most important aspect when the temperatures reach as high as it has been this summer since our bodies are made up of around 70% water. So it makes sense that with rising temperatures we tend to lose a lot of water before we even know it.  There is only one proper way to hydrate yourself:  drink, drink, drink, drink more and more water.

Dehydration begins when the body only loses one to two percent of water in the body.  This is most commonly known as dry mouth.  This is the first indication that you need to go get a drink of water.  There are no excuses to stop the dehydration processes at this point, especially if you work, or have been outside for any period of time. So how much water should one drink during the day?  The old rule says to drink eight glasses of water a day, but I believe that should be the absolute bare minimum, especially during the summer.  There should not be a certain amount that you should drink; just enough to feel comfortable to everyday activities without having dry mouth.

My simple rule to help keep yourself hydrated is to keep a full 20oz water bottle with you where ever you go.  If you carry this around, it helps trigger your brain to tell you to take a drink of it literally every time you look at it.  You will be surprised how well that works.  So please be careful out there in the hot temperatures.  Do not take the risk by simply forgetting to drink water, as this would be risking the biggest thing ever…your life!

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