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With cold season coming down on us we all know that exercise helps our immune system fight off a cold or flu but do we know what the best foods to help actually boost your immunity are?  It may be surprising but one of the best immunity boosting foods is actually garlic.

Garlic contains both allicin and sulfides which are infection fighting compounds.  Garlic stimulates the production of white blood cells that fight infection, and it also helps to eliminate toxic free radicals from the bloodstream.

Vitamin C is a common supplement that most people think of taking once they are sick but taking it regularly will be a great way to build up your immunity levels to prevent you from becoming sick in the first place.  There are always the typical oranges, and berry fruits that are packed with vitamin C but the highest rate per serving are actually red and green hot chili peppers.  Red beans have the highest level of antioxidants per serving.

Antioxidants help restore cells in your body to keep your body functioning properly while helping prevent the onset of sicknesses.  Fish is another great immunity boosting food.  Each type of fish has its own different properties that are great for your body but they all contain a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids that are natural anti-inflammatories.

By increasing airflow to the lungs, many respiratory infections can be cleared up more quickly while providing some amount of relief to inflamed mucous membranes.  There are many more great immunity boosting foods out there but these are some of the best.  A simple immunity boosting meal would be fish tacos containing garlic, red beans, chili pepper, and a side of fruit.

Consume these foods and more of the immunity boosting foods and you won't have to worry about catching that cold that nags you for several weeks!

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