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It is that time of year again with the holiday’s right around the corner.  This is the time where people start budgeting for Christmas shopping, traveling, and all the extra activities that are associated with the end of the year. With this being said, one can even budget their food and still be able to eat healthy.  I do agree with the fact if you want to eat healthy you have to throw in a couple extra dollars at the grocery store in order to get the proper types of food needed to be healthy.  But what exactly do you have to spend extra on and what can you budget a little bit more and still get the same quality?

Here is a list of my top 5 foods that you can budget on while still eating balanced, healthy meals and do not even realize it:

1. Chicken breasts – skip the frozen bags, while most of those bags will be around $8 a bag, you only get about 8 different sized chicken breasts that may only last you 5 days.  Go instead for the chicken breasts that are packaged but yet not frozen.  At around $2 a pound, you can stock up and get five pounds of chicken breasts for $10.  From here you can cut these breasts up to the size that you prefer, put them in sandwich bags, then freeze them and use then when you want to.  I typically get about 8 bags worth of chicken from this.

2. Veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc) – skip the prepackaged kind.  They are most expensive and barely last two meals.  Buy your own veggies, cut them up yourself, and put them together how you want them too.  Not only is this cheaper, it is a lot fresher and saves you money by not buying as much bags of veggies.

3. Tuna – skip the expensive packaged stuff in the seafood section.  Simple canned tuna runs about $.70 a can and provides enough protein for healthy meal plans.  Buying in bulk will save you more than you think.

4. Eggs – Quick and easy source of protein.  If you are a big egg eater, buy the 36 count or the 5 dozen eggs that are available at most Walmarts and HyVee.  The 36 count is around $.60 more than the 18 count, but you get twice the amount.  5 dozen eggs will run you about $1.50 more than the 18 count.  Huge savings overall.

5. Brown Rice – Rice has always been an inexpensive item found at the grocery store.  Plus it will last you longer than you probably want it to.  With a high source of carbohydrates, this item is perfect for post workout meals.  Best if paired with chicken for lunch.

These foods are the cornerstone to a nutritious, healthy, and very inexpensive balance meal plans that need to be incorporated into your nutrition in order to gain the muscle and burn the fat needed to get the body that we want.  With the holiday’s right around the corner, start saving for those travel plans and gifts for the little ones by budgeting your money the right way.

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