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Have you ever found yourself in a hotel gym, only to look around and realize there really isn’t a lot of equipment?  Perhaps there are some dumbbells, and a Swiss ball or two.  Depending on your travels and stays, you may come across a few medicine balls and a Bosu Ball.  But you ask yourself, what to do with these things?  Well, that’s what I am going to help you out with.

What I am going to do is write a small workout, using both of these great pieces of equipment.

Here we go:

• Bosu Ball Squats – Stand on the flat surface of the ball, and balance your body weight on top. For added extra weight, hold a pair of dumbbells on your sides.

• Bosu Ball Push-Ups – Hold the edge of the ball, flat surface upward, and perform your normal push-ups.  Not only with this challenge your upper body, your core will also be working to keep your body stable.

• Medicine Ball Oblique Twist – If you can keep your feet off the ground, hold the medicine ball in front of your body and twist it from side to side, reaching it toward the ground behind you.   Remember, abs need a lot of direct work to be worked, so don’t go light on the reps!

• Medicine Ball Alternating Push-Ups – Assume normal push-up position, with a medicine ball placed under one hand.  You perform the push-up this way, then roll the ball over to the other hand, and perform the push-up that way.

• Bosu Ball Burpees – Yes, I said it.  Hold the Bosu Ball above your head, jump straight up high off the ground, upon landing, drop down into a push-up position while holding the Bosu Ball and Perform the push-up, then jump your feet toward your chest, and stand back up.  That’s 1, Enjoy.

• Medicine Ball Figure 8’s - This is an ab killer.  You remember the figure 8 basketball drill, where you would pass the ball between your legs while squatting down?  It’s like that, but you are sitting down and keep your feet elevated off the ground and moving in a bicycle manner.  It’ll burn, trust me, and aim for 50 plus in one sitting.

Now there are numerous other things you can do with these as well, this is just a glimpse of things you can do.  I would suggest some basic movements on the Bosu as well.  Things like holding a squat position, and while holding that squat, perform some curls, or shoulder presses.  You can eve

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