Choose the right cardio routine

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Choose the right cardio routine
Deciding what type of cardio is best for you can be very challenging whether you are just starting a new routine or looking to continue seeing improvements in your overall fitness goals. Sprinting and long distance running each have their disadvantages and advantages. Injury can occur in either activity, so there are some things to consider before jumping into a new routine.

1. Are you currently on a weight training routine?
If you are on a weight lifting program than you are less prone to injuries because your overall muscle balance throughout the body keeps your bones, ligaments, and tendons strong. Being on a weight training program you will already have started building up your muscular and cardiovascular endurance which will help you transition smoothly into a new cardio routine.

2. What type of cardio are you doing now?
If you are not currently doing any type of cardio, then you want to build up to sprinting workouts. You should start with jogging and walking intervals. Each week keep adding time to your jogging interval and shortening your walking intervals. From there you can start turning your cardio into sprinting and jogging intervals. If you are already doing some type of cardio, the best way to keep seeing improvements is to implement high intensity interval training. HIIT routines should only be about 15 to 20 minutes. There are many variations of HIIT routines. Remember to always do a dynamic warmup and build up to your fastest speed to prevent injury.

3. Do you have any injuries or previous injuries?
If you have had previous injuries whether it was minor or a major injury, it is key that you are incorporating a strength training routine. If you currently have an injury, then choosing a type of cardio routine on equipment with less impact is best until the body if healed.

So what is the best cardio routine for you?
Long distance running is great for cardiovascular endurance and uses your slow twitch muscles. It is less stressful on the body over time if you are incorporating a strength training program. Long distance running can very time consuming and mentally draining as well. Sprinting builds up your fast twitch muscle fibers which requires a lot more stress on the body. Using your fast twitch muscles can increase testosterone and growth hormones which helps builds more muscle and therefore reaching your fitness goals quicker and giving you that leaner and cut look. Both are great tools to help you live a healthy lifestyle so try adding sprinting days and long distance running days to your training program to keep challenging your body and to stay away from plateauing.

So Remember, before starting a new cardio workout routine know what your body can handle. If you are unsure, start with short bursts of interval training and check with your fitness professional. Don’t be afraid to push yourself!


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