Your Workout Options After Surgery to Build Muscle and Flexibility

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Most of you know I had ACL surgery this year and still have a long recovery process. Having any type of surgery is a setback for just about anyone but you don't have to let it lead to complete inactivity. Depending on your surgery, your doctor and/or physical therapist will have you doing strength exercises for other muscles, tendons and ligaments around your injury before your surgery. Asking for a timeline of recovery from your doctor or physical therapist is a great tool so you can keep motivated to stay on track after surgery.

If your doctor wants you to keep working out before surgery, don't disregard it. You will most likely be referred to a physical therapist and he/she will give you exercises to do there and on your own. Keep trying to build as much muscle as possible and really focus on flexibility. The more muscle you have, the more likely to have a quicker recovery. Also, with adding muscle before surgery can keep you from losing what you have already achieved with your fitness goals. That extra muscle keeps your metabolism up after surgery as well. In my situation, my therapist said I could workout as hard as possible and even continue running.

After undergoing surgery it is very important to be cleared by your doctor before any type training. Post surgery you will working with a physical therapist and he/she will give you the exercises you need to be doing there and at home. Asking your therapist for the timeline of progression will help you stay on track and aide in quick recovery. Seeing the different exercises each week will keep you from getting bored and keep progressing. The more you stay on track with you exercise routines front he beginning the faster you will get back to where you were before surgery. After my surgery, I was up and walking on crutches the next day. I had my first physical therapy appointment two days post surgery. I was given exercises to do everyday and given my timeline of recovery to understand the process and stay on top of things. I was also able to work with a trainer (from Black Clover of course) and she helped me stay on top of my workouts and helped me so I could continue lifting. So if you are working with a trainer before surgery, let your trainer help you afterwards. Just be sure to follow the physical therapists’ instructions.

Everybody is different and deals with stress differently so not everyone's progression is the same. If you have setbacks during your recovery, take advantage of the things you can do. For example, with my rehab I still have limitations when it comes to running. So to keep my cardio in  I utilize other equipment like the bike, elliptical or stair stepper. I try to keep my weight training at higher intensities as well to keep up aerobic levels.

There are a variety of things you can do to maintain your fitness level. Swimming is great total body workout and has very little impact on the joints of the body. Intensifying a cardio routine on the bike, elliptical or stair stepper will help you keep burning calories and challenge your endurance level. Yoga is also a great total body workout and is great for  flexibility in muscles and joints of the body. Weight training is great to help build muscles and keep the body strong and help preventing future injuries. When weight training, remember to always listen to your Black Clover Fitness Trainers!

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