Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

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Bariatric surgery is the path some people take in order to fully jumpstart their lifestyle and body transformation. Several factors contribute to needing to start with any of the bariactric procedures such as heart conditions, severe breathing problems, and joint issues that limit one from beginning an exercise program.  Bariatric patients are a very small percentage of people in the exercise world but just like everyone else they need to exercise. They cannot neglect exercise just because they have had surgery to help with their weight loss. You could even say that exercise in more vital post surgery.  While there are several phases of getting into exercise post-surgery I'm just going to go over the overall benefits of exercising post surgery.  Doctor's will have their own exercise protocols but all the benefits are the same.  So here are a few of the benefits.

Bariatric patients lose weight because they aren't allowed to eat as many calories; however, that in turn means that their body will burn reserves and extra tissue.  Which that said, muscle tissue will be burned to save energy in the body.   By performing anaerobic exercises their body will use their muscle tissues, preserving their muscles.  Minimizing muscle loss will help to maintain strength levels.  Their body will then burn off more fat rather than resorting to burning off muscle tissue based upon the calorie deficit caused by the surgery.

A study in the journal Obesity stated that patients that exercised lost on average 13.2 more pounds than those that didn't follow an exercise program.  In addition to the extra weight loss they experienced less cases of depression and anxiety, and a much higher overall health score.

Exercise will also help with recovery time and will lessen the chance for post surgical complications that could arise.

With just a few of the overall benefits stated above;  if you have had a form of bariartic surgery make sure that you are not neglecting lifting weights.  The big benefits of exercise will help you to thrive and succeed much further than just having the surgery alone.

Disclaimer:  Always consult with your doctor prior to beginning an exercise program.




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