Modifying Exercise When Pregnant

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I'm sure you've all heard of the great benefits exercise provides to someone when they are pregnant. However, pregnancy also creates several difficulties when trying to exercise. Whether it be morning sickness, nausea throughout the day, extreme fatigue, or joint discomfort there are modifications that can be made to help you continue with an exercise program. Remember to always speak with your doctor regarding what exercise program would be the best option for you during your pregnancy. While each trimester will vary on intensity levels that you are able to achieve the modifications can be the same throughout the whole pregnancy. With that said I'll cover some of general modifications that you could make to your program.Omaha Fitness

Typically it is not recommended to do a whole lot of overhead or back bearing exercises because these both place an excessive amount of pressure on the low back which is already being stressed extra due to the pregnancy. Instead of doing barbell back squats switch to using a kettlebell or dumbbell for either sumo or goblet squats. If the weight on these are even a bother don't be afraid to just do bodyweight squats. Your body is already weighing more than it is use to so the extra weight from the pregnancy may be just enough extra. If you are to continue to do overhead pressing unilateral is the route to go. The alternating method will allow you to help stabilize your core better without having to strain. Lessen the workload and intensity with most all strength training exercises. Preforming lifts around 50%-70% of your typically intensity will be good. Doing any maximal lifts will be more harmful than good during pregnancy.

After the first trimester it is recommended to stay away from laying flat on your back. Instead grab a stability ball or an incline bench to do several of the exercises you were doing before. Also, throughout pregnancy it is best to stay away from any maximal static lifts as they may cause too much strain and usually you aren't able to breathe properly.

Adding a maternity support belt and better bra are other great things to take into consideration during pregnancy especially for those interested in continuing to run. If running becomes too difficult spinning classes are a great alternative to keep getting in your cardio along with strengthening your legs.

As briefly stated earlier, make sure to always consult with your doctor regarding what modifications you can possibly make in your exercise program.


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