Trek Up the Tower 2015

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Are you a competitive person? Do you like challenges? Or maybe you just want to be part of a team, striving to reach a specific goal. If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to sign up to Trek the 1st National Tower in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. The Tower is 40 flights of stairs, 870 steps, and the tallest building between Denver and Chicago. It may not seem like much, 870 steps, but climbing that fast, that high into the air with an average of 1500 other people only spaced by a matter of 5 seconds is a whole new challenge. Your heart will be racing, your legs burning, and your lungs short of breath, but to take on the Tower and conquer it, is an accomplishment like no other and the rewarding feeling is indescribable. Black Clover Fitness Each year Black Clover Fitness puts a team together to take on the Tower and each year the team grows with new people accepting the challenge and completing it. Last year 42 people raced wearing the Black Clover Fitness emblem and finished 2nd overall in Community Teams. We ask you to help us beat our numbers last year. Help us reach 50 or more people to Trek up the Tower

If you are considering Trek up the Tower, we here at Black Clover Fitness have also put together an 8 week training regimen to help get you prepared for taking on the Tower. Everyone who signs up under Black Clover Fitness’s team will have access to this training program for FREE! Still not convinced that you should sign up? Well we have also made it a yearly tradition to get everyone together after taking on the tower to celebrate everyone’s accomplishment and have some fun. So what are you waiting for? Trek up the Tower 2015 is Saturday, February 21st but registrations start Saturday, November 1st and it does fill fast, so don’t wait around to sign up because you might miss out!

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