What are the Best and Most Effective Quick Workouts?

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Time is usually the number one reason why people do not feel like working out.  They feel that they don’t have the time to be able to get in a good workout.  It’s not so much time being the problem with most beginners in the gym as the intensity of the workout needed to be performed.  There is apparently this thought in a lot of people’s heads that they need 60-90 minutes per day to get in a good workout thus making people believe that they have to have that much time.  Honestly all you really need is anywhere from 20-45 minutes a day to get a great fast paced workout in, but if you do have that 60-90 minutes a day there are ways to get a great one as well. When it comes to only having 20 minutes a day it is really quite simple; keep your body moving the entire 20 minutes.  In order to do this you will have to perform anywhere from 4-8 exercises one right after another until completed, then take a 30-45 second break and repeat again.  The way I tell people to do this workout is set up a stop watch and once it starts, you do as many rounds of the set of exercises that you can in that 20 minute time span trying to keep your heart rate up to a high but safe amount of beats per minute (70%-80% of max heart rate).   Once the timer goes off you are done with your workout.  You can do this at home orblack Clover Pullat the gym, varying the workout with the equipment available and space as well.  This is easily done at home with no weights and just doing body weight exercises.  Think it sounds easy?  Go ahead and try it out and get back to me on that. Now for the very fortunate people who do actually have anywhere from 60-90 minutes to workout you don’t necessarily need to keep your heart rate up as high as the 20 minute workout or else you risk burning yourself out.  Keeping it anywhere from 60%-70% of your max heart rate is completely fine.  This is your fat burning zone and for this long duration of time used for working out it will help burn off a lot more body fat than in the shorter amount of time.  You can still get a great workout in in this amount of time because this is most commonly used in lifting heavier weights since we need longer periods of time to let our muscles recover from the heavier loads.  Even if all you do is cardio for this amount of time keeping it within the 60%-70% max heart rate will very beneficial to you. The whole “I don’t have time to work out” is always the excuse that is going to hold back a lot of people who don’t want to put in the effort to get results.  No matter how much time you have to work out you still have time to get a great workout in as long as you plan out the workout beforehand and be able to get after it regardless of the amount of time. 

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