Is Coffee Good for You?

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The age old question for everyone that drinks coffee is whether or not it is actually healthy. There have been hundreds of studies on coffee throughout the years to conclude whether it is healthy for you or not, but worry no more, as a recent study claims that it is indeed healthy for you and should be considered a ‘health food’.
  A new study of over 25,000 people taken over a 3 year period is now stating that coffee is good for your heart and may even help prevent heart attacks. Overall, it found out that those who drank 3-5 cups of coffee a day were less likely to develop clogged arteries. In particular, the study found out that those who drank that amount found a lower percentage of coronary artery calcium buildup than those who drank more or less than the 3-5 cups per day. Other studies of coffee in the past have stated that it can help prevent liver disease and cancer, increase energy levels, improve physical performance, reduce the risk of type II diabetes, lessen risk of Alzheimer’s disease, help burn fat, and lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease along with many other health benefits. The newest study put things together by stating that coffee is also good for your overall heart health. So for those of you that have been worried that coffee may not be the best to drink, you need to put that thought to rest. Keep in mind that this recent study was best suited for those consuming 3-5 cups of plain black coffee per day. So, you might want to put down the mug if you are working on your 6th glass or if you are adding in creamer.

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