The Benefits of Changing Your Workouts

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I am sure that nearly everyone has heard that they need to switch up their workouts every so often in order to have the best success with their workouts. However, a lot of people do not know why they should switch up their workouts, or how often they should be switched up. One of the top reasons that they should be switched up is to prevent workout boredom. Getting bored with a workout routine is one of the top reasons why people give up on working out. If you aren't excited to go workout, results will be tough to come by because more than likely you will just skip going to the gym or workout with a lackluster attitude. Another reason is to break past any plateaus that may occur. Lots of people find that they are able to lose weight and/or gain muscle for awhile and then it just stops. The body becomes accustomed to the same workout and it needs to be shocked again just like it was when a workout program initiated. Yet another reason is to prevent overuse injuries. If you only work a certain muscle group at the same exact angle every workout week after week, you aren't allowing your stabilizer and assisting muscle groups to help out which will cause injuries over time. By switching up the exercises and angles of movements you allow certain muscles, ligaments, and tendons to rest while still getting in a good workout. There does come a time when you will not be as sore from each workout.  I'm sure for those that have worked out religiously, and never get sore, when you attempt a new exercise you become sore again from switching things up. Mixing up the repetition counts from one week to the next is an easy way to make adjustments to your workouts. Do higher reps of 20 with a lighter weight one week, and the following week cut down to reps from 5-10 with a heavier weight. The adjustment in the weights and repetition count will shock the muscles enough to keep them growing. Switching up angles will make a big difference too. Instead of doing regular push-ups try decline push-ups instead. Regarding cardio, instead of just running for one or two miles,  try hill intervals of running for 1 minute and then walking for 1 minute for 10 sets. Those are just a few simple ways to switch up your workouts to help you keep making progress. Get out of the rut and switch up your workouts by switching up your repetitions, exercises, and weights. You'll definitely reap the benefits of the change!

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