How Much Water You Should Be Drinking Daily

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The human body is composed of 55-65% water. H2O is one of the key building blocks of human cells and serves many essential functions within the body. 

Water regulates body temperature, contributes to swallowing and digestion, lubricates joints, acts as a shock absorbent for organs, clears toxins from the body, and aids in metabolizing proteins and carbohydrates.

With the importance of water being known, why do so many people fail to consume the recommended daily value? Water is often an overlooked nutrient that is key to healthy bodily function. Research conducted has shown that only 5-10% of the American population are consuming the daily recommended intake of water to support cellular function. 

Now the next question is how much water is right for you? The daily recommended value varies based on gender, age, physical activity level, environmental factors, and general health status. Who would have thought there are so many variables that factor into how much water a person should consume on a daily basis?

The recommended daily value according to the Mayo clinic for men is at least three liters a day or 101 ounces, which equates to 12.6 glasses a day. For women, the Mayo clinic recommends 2.2 liters per day or roughly 75 ounces, which equates to 9.3 glasses a day. A common recommendation is also for a person to consume 50-100% of their body weight in ounces dependent upon activity level.

 Here are some tips to ensure you are getting your daily water intake in:

  • Always have a water bottle or container with you at all times.
  • Replace beverages such as coffee, juice, or soda with water.
  • If unable to replace the beverage, accompany the drink with water.
  • Log your water in an app on your smart phone or in a journal and hold yourself accountable.
  • Drink a glass of water before each meal, as this can lead to a sense of feeling full and decrease calorie consumption at meals.

Dehydration can play a significant role in slowing the body’s metabolism, which no one wants. Because this can lead to a slowed rate of fat-burning, inefficient removal of toxins and decreased ability for essential nutrients to be delivered to the cells and muscles in the body leading to increased  fatigue. In addition, dehydration can often be confused with hunger by brain signals leading to increased food consumption.

I hope this blog has stressed how important water consumption is as part of your daily routine. And I challenge you to make water a top priority! 

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