Warming Up Is Key to Injury Prevention

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Do you always get in a warm up before your workout? If you don't warm-up before you start, you need to make time for a good warm-up before your workout. There are numerous reasons to start with a warm-up prior to working out, with the key three reasons being that it will help enhance performance, help with injury prevention, and give you time to get focused and mentally prepared for the workout.  

What is the best way to warm up for your workout? Dynamic movements are by far the best, in my opinion. A dynamic movement involves moving a joint through its full range of motion. For example, doing some body weight lunges, body weight squats, push-ups, and jumping jacks would be a good warm-up. I prefer dynamic warm-ups versus static stretches.


Think of your muscles like a rubber band. If you stretch a cold rubber band, it is more likely to break, whereas a warm rubber band is more elastic and less likely to break, even if stretched tight. The same goes for your muscles. If you stretch a cold muscle, it isn't nearly as elastic and could lead to a strain or tear. By doing dynamic movements, the body and muscle temperature will increase. With the increased blood flow throughout the body, more nutrients are delivered through the body, adding to increased energy production.


The amount of time needed to warm up will vary between individuals based upon their age and what their workout will entail. I always recommend getting in a bare minimum of five minutes but sometimes a warm-up can last up to 45 minutes or longer.

If you don't currently warm up before your workout, plan to take another five minutes or more to get in a warm-up before your true workout starts. The little extra time will help you enhance performance, minimize injury, and get you focused for the test to come.  

If you have questions about warming up, give me a call or send me an email. I hope to hear from you soon!

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