How Your Mattress Affects Your Workouts

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Have you been waking up in the morning sore, stiff, and still tired? While this may happen the day after an intense workout, your gym routine may not be to blame. You may be sore and tired because of your mattress.


I'm sure you probably don’t usually spend time thinking about how your mattress affects your workouts and daily productivity. However, having an old, worn out, or improper mattress could be the main culprit for your soreness.  

While a lot of mattresses nowadays have a 20-year or lifetime warranty, that does not mean that the mattress will last that amount of time. The general rule of thumb is that most mattresses will last you around eight years. So if you're one of those that has a near 20-year old mattress, maybe it's time to change it out. Most mattress companies offer 30-day or even year-long trials to test out a mattress. Why not try out something new if you are experiencing extra soreness in the morning? The only hassle is that you'll have to make the bed again—unless you're someone that actually likes making the bed.  


There are several different types of mattresses available now versus the basic coil spring varieties. Some of the most popular mattresses are memory foam and gel foam mattresses. Some are even infused with copper in the foam.


I cannot specifically tell you what the best option for you is, but if you go to, you can narrow down what may suit you the best. This site will help you select what is best for you if you are a side sleeper, a back sleeper, and so on. There are many other sites out there to help you out too.  


So, if you are waking up with back, hip, shoulder, or neck pain every morning, maybe it's time to test out a new mattress instead of assuming that you're older now and need to accept that you'll have aches and pains.  


Personally, I know lots of clients who wake up with extra pain in their backs and shoulders that could all simply be attributed to their mattress. Give a new mattress a try and see if it helps you sleep better. This should allow you to workout harder and with less early morning soreness!


If you have any other health and fitness questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to help you!  

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